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Facing the global pandemic crisis, Evian's social media presence underwent a comprehensive transformation. Starting with a global social strategy overhaul, we developed and implemented a content strategy that infused positive messaging into evergreen content while maintaining brand integrity and adapting to the changing landscape.

The strategic shift resulted in the creation of over 50 original content pieces, a social playbook, and a refreshed visual language tailored for social and digital platforms. The success of the new social tone resonated with the audience with an increase of 732% in impressions and a 20% boost in engagement within 6 months, marking Evian's best social media year to date.

Role - Creative Direction
Content Planning
Concept Development
Art Direction (Photography, Videography, Storyboarding, Motion Design, Social Guidelines)
Graphic Design
Production + Post Oversight
Team Management
Client Management

Digital Design
Social Strategy
Creative Content



Globally Harmonized Social Strategy

We streamlined the social ecosystem across Europe, Asia, US, and the Middle East, unifying the tone of voice with consistent art direction. Creative content were crafted based on 3 core pillars — Culture, Innovation & Sustainability, and Health & Well-being — we engaged, inspired, and educated our progressive youth audience while aligning with Evian's brand values

Sustainability Amplification

As part of Evian's ambitious brand objectives, we developed sustainability content for the first time, focusing on engaging narratives. This included showcasing biodiversity to introduce the rare species living in the Alps ecosystem, encouraging our audience to embrace a more carbon-neutral lifestyle, and producing "Going Neutral," a 4-part series illustrating how the brand achieved carbon neutrality, reinforcing Evian's unwavering commitment to sustainability.

world environmental day1
world environmental day2
world environmental day3
world environmental day4
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world environmental day9
world environmental day10

Digital Brand Design

Beyond the iconic pink, new brand colors were introduced as part of the social transformation to infuse optimism. Blending Evian's heritage colors into a fresh chromatic gradient to support the overall visual personality. The new brand design extended beyond social, becoming a vital part of Evian's overall brand identity. Applied across various touchpoints, from DOOH to banners and websites, to product launch campaigns, creating a consistent brand experience.

product superiority mockup3
product_superiority_drink natural21
product_superiority_drink natural22
product_superiority_drink natural2 2
product_superiority_drink natural4
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Branding Animation

Creative ways of showing branding and product superiority for every occasion. 


Project Team
Jeremy Raimboux
Ben Brookes
Vincent Renault
Agustin Schmidt