evian — #StayHydrated


A strategically crafted creative platform aimed to lead the discourse on natural hydration. Through a simple and strong call to action, our goal was to raise health awareness, reinforce Evian's credentials, and make hydration exciting. The creative framework is structured around 3 pillars: Hydration Culture, Well-being, and Product Superiority. We implemented various social and digital activations under these pillars, utilizing Evian's lifestyle appeal to initiate conversations across multiple platforms.

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Hydration Culture — Leveraging Lifestyle

During the peak of the pandemic, as social interactions shifted online and virtual gaming on the rise, we launched Hydration Island, Evian’s dedicated Animal Crossing sanctuary. Capitalizing on the game's popularity, the island served as a virtual hub to convey #StayHydrated in an entertaining and educational way. Gamers engaged with experts for hydration tips, obtained exclusive in-game "Evian Stay Hydrated" outfits, and took part in quizzes to win IRL merch, expanding the hydration message to over 10 million gamers.

animal crossing stall
animal crossing clothes merch

Wellbeing — Hydration Reminders

To reinforce hydration well-being, we targeted WFH workers during confinement, specifically those engaged in frequent video conferences. Partnering with Zoom and Cisco, hydration reminders were integrated into the schedule, occurring before, after, and during video calls. We also introduced #StayHydrated graphics to replace the camera-off screens, effectively spreading the hydration message during meetings.


Product Superiority — Pure Summer Treats

To elevate the product experience, we crafted a series of ice treats – a popsicle, sorbet, and kakigori – exclusively made with the purity of mineral water (not made with AI). Our goal was to inspire our global audience to indulge in these refined delights, mirroring the exquisite quality of Evian's pristine mineral water. The ice treats series not only drove the highest engagement (+80%) on social channels but also sparked the pop-up event in Japan for real tasting experiences.

stories mockup-popsicle
stories mockup-sorbet
kakigori pop-up mockup1
kakigori pop-up mockup5
kakigori pop-up mockup4
kakigori pop-up mockup3

Project Team
Jeremy Raimboux